Can you make a  ________________  gown? How much is it going to cost?

We can pretty much make anything anyone can describe or picture accurately. We do not plagiarize other artists, but will do similar pieces customized to the individual client.There are a lot of factors to decide upon before we get started and it is best for you to have given some thought to those decisions before you contact us. In order for us to give you an estimate the first time you contact us, try to have some of the following information ready:

- Style of dress (Examples: Bodice Gowns, Empire Gowns, 12th Century Gowns, Other Period Gowns)
- Neckline [if applicable] (Examples: Keyhole, Round, Ballet, Square, V, Scoop, Sweetheart)
- Color schemes
- Fabrics you're considering or what you'd like your fabric to be like
- Where, when and how often you intend to wear the gown (indoor/outdoor, summer/winter, everyday use/special occasion use, the climate of your area, etc.)
- Your measurements (if you do not have accurate measurements at your fingertips, telling us your height and weight gives us a decent idea of what size the gown should be)
- Optional details such as trims, belts, appliques, and other personal customizations
- When you need the gown and where you live (so we can factor shipping and/or rush ordering into the cost as well)

All of these pieces of information greatly affect our recommendations  and in order for us to give you the most appropriate suggestions and estimates, it is is best for us to have as much information as possible before we make any decisions on our end.

Is it seriously going to cost THAT MUCH?!  Can't you do it cheaper?!

Please do not be surprised if our quotes range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The current price range on our available gowns page (which are all fairly simplistic in nature) runs all the way from $89 to $199, depending on size, materials and finishing details. Everything we make is one of a kind, individually designed and sewn. The more details you add, the more time-consuming the project becomes and thus raises the cost. We have skilled and dedicated workers to compensate for completing your gown, as well as covering the cost of the materials and all the other factors that go into making a garment.  So, if you are making a serious inquiry about a custom gown, please try not to be shocked by the potential price.

On the other hand, if you really want a one-time use garment for the school play and promise not to show anyone the seams, let us know that up front and we will try to work with your needs.

Accolade Wedding Gown in Ivory

Can you make an inexpensive gown?

The question of inexpensiveness relies heavily on the individual gown we are discussing, as we may find ways to cut the cost in certain details like finishings. However there are certain factors like labor and certain materials that will have a fixed cost no matter what gown we are talking about.

Can you make a gown like (insert character's name here) wears in (insert movie/book/tv show/video game/comic book/graphic novel/etc.)?

Like we said in the first question, we can make almost anything that can be described accurately. However, when you request a gown based on a fictional character (or even a historical figure), please try to include pictures or links to pictures, just in case we aren't familiar with who or what you are talking about. Since we spend a lot of time sewing, taking care of our families  and other activities, we're not always pop-culture authorities. However, we have plenty of experience with "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars". Please check out our Jedi Robe FAQ for more information.

My wedding is next week! Can you make a dress for me?

Sadly, we probably won't be able to help you on that unless you decide to buy one of our premade gowns. Weddings can be very intricate and stressful to plan and if you want a custom-made dress, it is probably something you want to begin looking into at least a year in advance, if not more. Please read our Wedding Consultation Page for more information on planning a wedding with us.

I love one of your available gowns, and all the measurements are perfect... except for the length. Is it possible to make it longer?

Yes, actually, we can. There are a few ways to make it longer. Wearing a chemise or a longer skirt underneath is the most historically accurate way to make it longer. We can add a strip of bias tape, but we have a limited choice of colors and may not be able to match the actual color of the dress exactly. We can also add a strip of the original fabric to the bottom of the dress, but that will create a visible seam. Lastly, if the dress has trim on it, we can add the matching trim onto the bottom of the dress with a backing on it so the threads don't catch, which increases the cost of the dress, but is the most aesthetically pleasing choice out of the last three.

How do I measure for a gown?

You can find that information on our "How to Measure for Your Garment" page.

How do you handle payments for custom work?

We need a deposit to start work, usually ½ depending on the fabric vs labor costs and your deadline. You can order one piece at a time and the backlog for non-rush orders is generally 8-12 weeks. (rush orders are subject to a surcharge) We take: Paypal, personal checks, money orders, MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover.

Why is there such a long wait?

Firstly, we already have custom orders we are currently working on. And since we want your gown to be exactly the way you want it, we like to have the time to send samples to you (via snail mail), and if you don't like the samples we have on hand, we also want to have the time to acquire the proper fabrics. However, any given time during the year, our schedule may be different, so you can always call us to check.

Have a question we did not answer here?  You will find some more helpful information on the Gowns Custom Order/Shape info page and of course you are always welcome to contact us directly.

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