Women's Gowns Pricing Information

Women's gowns usually require at least 3.5 yards of fabric. Therefore the price starts at around $75 for an untrimmed gown. Trimming usually adds at least $25-35, often more depending on the cost of the trim, where it is placed, and how much is used. Some lower cost bargains may be found on our available page, but the average 12th century gown, like the pale green one on the gowns page, starts around $100 and can go up to several hundred dollars depending on fabric, trim and finish details.

Here is an example of how additional fabric, detail, lining or trim increases the cost. A women's gown in the 12th century style with long lined sleeves, a scoop neck, trim on the neck and hem, and lacing on the sides can cost $175 - $250 if made from cotton or a cotton-polyester material. The same style gown costs more than $400 if the fabric is velvet and needs a lining.

We are often asked how much a wedding gown will cost. Since we don't know yet what you want your gown to look like, we can only give you examples from wedding gowns we've already made. We've provided the whole range, from a simple white cotton shift that cost only $50, to multi-layered velvet, silk, and satin gowns in the $1200-$1500 range. Usually, we are able to help our clients develop a gown they will adore within a reasonable budget. On average, a wedding gown from us will run between $450 and $750.

If you send us a description of the clothing you would like, we will send you an estimate. Remember to include: fabric, color(s), length of sleeves and hem, neck type, and any trim, fasteners, lacing or appliques. You can give us a call or write, and we will help you design a gown or robe to fit your needs.

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