Medieval Hoods ~ Monk Cowls

The discounted hoods are an experiment to see if this listing method works to provide low cost immediately available hoods. Cloak and Dagger usually specializes in creating custom garments and accessories.

We enjoy corresponding with our clients and feel we can provide better service this way. Please contact us during our normal hours if you are looking for specific colors or textures among the available hoods and we will answer as best we can about the hoods on hand.

Since we do custom work that involves a great number of choices, we have the shopping cart for only a limited list of items. Please contact us to make an custom order.

Swatching Service for custom orders

We offer a fabric swatching service for a $10 fee. Send a color sample, what designs you're interested in, or what color and width you're interested in along with a check, money order, or credit card authorization, and we will send at least 8 full pattern repeats of coordinating or specified color fabric swatches back by priority mail. If we are unable to provide a decent set of choices (at least 5 good possibilities), the remaining fee will be returned with the swatches we were able to identify.


Unless we have made a mistake, we do not cover return shipping. Since we have a minimum restocking fee of $10, it just isn't worth the shipping to return the discounted hood. It's one of the reasons we've priced them so low - we do not want to mess around with individual listings.
Due to abuse of our billing policy, custom orders and hold requests now require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions about color, texture, stiffness or suitability for a project. Please contact us if you have any questions about color, texture, stiffness or suitability for a project.


We accept cash, checks, money orders, almost all charge cards and PayPal. Orders paid for by check may be delayed in order to make sure that the check has cleared. Custom work or fast reordering of out-of -stock fabric requires a deposit of at least 25% or a credit card number with authorization. Fast re-ordering/rush service may require a surcharge. If circumstances force us to cancel an order, deposits are returned in full. If the client cancels, the deposit may be forfeit depending on the amount of time/materials already invested in the project.

Shipping Info

Shipping and insurance tend to run around $7 or $9 for smaller items within the continental US, up to about $14.00  for up to a pound including shipping materials.
We usually use US Post Office upon credit card approval or check clearing. We can use overnight or 2-day shipping services if requested. We use FedEx and UPS and can often ship the same day. We use PayPal as our secure transaction server, and will also accept credit card information over the phone, so you can in call credit card information for a purchase ( 978-486-4414 between 9:30 am and 5 pm, or 8:30 to 10 pm US Eastern Standard Time) We also accept credit card information by mail.

For International shipments, we will ship to any country the US Postal Service allows as a destination. However shipping overseas can be very expensive.  WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS  IN YOUR COUNTRY and unless specifically requested, we will declare a value and insure any handmade items and larger orders of mass-produced items. If you wish us to handle your order differently, we must have that direction in writing/email in case of lost packages and insurance claims Contact us for further details on International shipping, and please read below. 

Our phone number is 978-486-4414 and our mailing address is:

Cloak & Dagger Creations
The Mill - Box B7
410 Great Rd.
Littleton MA 01460-1300.

Shipping Calculations for PayPal Purchases

Shipping, especially internationally, can be expensive, but is not always as expensive as the shopping cart says it will be.  We have trouble calculating weights small items like hoods - they can vary greatly in weight.  So, without weights to add up,  the Paypal Shopping cart calculates shipping charge based on dollar amount.  Larger dollar amounts often mean a cloak or other weighty item has been purchased  and so it  calculates the shipping for a larger package.  We let PayPal do that because it is easier for us and faster for the customer to email and say that shipping is actually lower and process a refund for the difference.  PayPal then refunds their fee on that part of the payment.  If we have to ask for additional funds because we charged too little, Paypal will charge us additional fees for an additional payment, and there is a delay in getting the shipment out because we have to wait for the additional funds.  Also, most folks react worse to a request for additional payment than to an email saying there is refund to their account.  So if you feel the shipping is too high, please ask us why, or if there will be shipping fee refund due. 

Every so often,  Paypal will undercharge for shipping.  This usually happens with sale-priced cloaks, but can also happen with multiple item purchases or purchases of items that have to be well protected.  We will contact you with the actual shipping cost, and give you an option to accept and pay or cancel the order.

The PayPal shopping cart has one other quirk that affects international shipping. If we have not input a shipping table for a country, PayPal will not charge shipping.  That  does not mean shipping is free!  We'll have to weigh your purchase, look up the rates for your country and get back to you with the amount.  When we contact you with the actual shipping cost, we give you an option to accept and pay or cancel the order.

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