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In a former life, our founder went to college (UMass Amherst, actually) and got an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and then a Masters in Regional Planning.  After 10 years working in public policy, she retired to run Cloak & Dagger Creations full time but she remains an environmentalist.

We make every effort to recycle - both on the things we consume and the items we need to discard.  Except for priority mail packages, our shipping materials are at least 20% post-consumer content and usually 100%.  We work with other businesses in our old (recycled!) mill building.  Powers Gallery in Acton, MA has their framing workshop here.  They give us their discarded packing foam sheets and bubble wrap.  E. Drumm Designs uses up the extra packing peanuts we receive.  We re-use the boxes we receive and our employees bring more from home.  Unusable paper and cardboard are brought to the town's recycling center along with all plastics, glass, aluminum, metals and batteries.  Cardboard tubes are donated to daycares and kindergartens for art projects.

Scrap fabric has several destinations.  We supply the local rug hooking guild, local girl scouts, kindergartens and daycare with scrap fabric for projects.   We supply the local sewing machine repair place with test fabric.   Extra fabric has also gone to the Friends Fabric Art in Lowell, MA; the Restoration Project in Acton, MA; and to workshops for additional commemorativeblocks for the AIDS Quilt.  Our fabric scraps have also been used to make mittens for charity mitten trees, dog boots for search and rescue dogs, for insulating local chicken coops and rebuilding archery targets.  If you need some, just ask.

We even send our dryer lint to an artist who creates beautiful works.  Her name is Heidi Hooper and her website shows off dozens of her gorgeous creations.

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