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Gem - Cabochon
Blue Glass
Gem - Cabochon<br>Blue Glass
Holly Sprig w/ berries
Holly Sprig w/ berries<br>Enameled
Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery
Ivy, Curly - J-Hook
Painted Enamel
Ivy, Curly - J-Hook<br>Painted Enamel
Please allow 5-6 weeks delivery
Last Generated November 17, 2017

These items are hand made, and one of a kind. It may be possible to make an item similar to another one you see.
If you were looking for a particular item and don't see the one you want, call us.
We are working on new items all the time and may have what you're looking for already in process.

Accessories, including belts and circlets, are NOT included, unless otherwise indicated,

Here are some more ideas for custom orders

We have a wide variety of cloak and cape clasps, penannulars, shank and screwback buttons for use on cloaks and clothing. Some clasps are mass-produced pewter and base metal but we also have a number of bronze, brass, and silver handmade clasps. If you're interested in any items that are marked Out of stock, contact us as the item may be reordered or reproduced.  Items listed as "not currently in production" are handmade and may or may not be re-orderable.

NOTE: Handmade clasps are of limited supply and thus may not be in stock when ordered. Contact us before ordering for availability or if definite delivery date is needed. For purchases outside of the United States or Canada, please contact us before purchasing or note that we may have to contact you to adjust shipping costs after purchase.

NOTE: On Handmade clasps the exact position and size of hooks may be subject to some variations, and the clasp may not be exactly as pictured.

Please contact us to complete your order if you wish to avoid using Paypal.

NOTE: Please remember that colors you see on the screen are not reliable. Even when we managed to get the digital colors to match the real world colors on our computer (sometimes we couldn't) that's no guarantee that they will look the same on your monitor. When in doubt about the color, trust our descriptions first - if still in doubt, ask.

Subject To Prior Sale:
All of our one of a kind items are subject to prior sale. We try to make every effort to remove items from the web as soon as they are sold. However, occasionally something may get overlooked. If this happens we will either duplicate the item, substitute with another item of your choosing or give you a full refund.

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