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Bronze, Brass, Gold
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Celtic Designs

sterling silver celtic shield clasp

European Designs

silvertone classic fleur-de-lis clasp

Traditional Viking Designs

pewter triple medallion clasp

Designs Attuned to Nature

bronze geranium leaf clasp

Zoomorphic Designs

bronze prancing horse clasp

Previous Designs

Filigree Diamond Floral with red clasp
Other Fasteners
Lacing Rings
bronze single laurel lacing rings
Handmade Pewter Brooch Large

About our Clasps and Cloak Closures

We have a mix of mass-produced and hand-made clasps on our site.  We started producing our own clasps to fill our need for stronger clasps that could stand up to our heavy cloaks.  We also wanted clasps that functioned well with our designs - we usually design our cloaks to overlap in front and we wanted fasteners that would stay fastened. So here is a little more information on our stock.

All pewter clasps are cast. Some of our pewter clasps (Vale, Triple medallion) are factory mass-produced  in Norway, while a majority of the celtic designs are hand-cast by small family operations in the US.

The majority of the silver clasps start life as castings to which we add the hooks and eyes.  In the past, we have produced our own silver castings, but our current metal smiths do not have access to casting facilities.  Since we are depending on 3rd party casters, we are only casting original singles as people make orders.  We can also create casting for bronze.

All clasps (and penannulars) that are marked as "handmade" are one-of-a-kind, meaning that slight variations (and sometimes major ones) are likely. Our handmade clasps are typically made from single or combination stampings with forged support and hook and eye parts welded on.   They are made one at a time and sometimes the artists get extra creative and decide to try new designs that they decide not to repeat.  The handmade penannulars are twisted and forged by hand, with stamping into hot metal, and some with  brass stampings added for decoration or as gem settings.

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