Cloaks with a "Add to Cart" Button are In-Stock. ready to be hemmed and shipped out.
Cloaks ordered before 5 pm can usually be shipped on the next business day, but this is not guaranteed.
Please contact us if time is critical - standard shipping is US Postal Service which is *NOT* time guaranteed.
We can ship via Express Mail, FedEx or UPS Express if requested.

NOTE: Please remember that colors you see on the screen are not reliable. Even when we managed to get the digital colors to match the real world colors on our computer (sometimes we couldn't) that's no guarantee that they will look the same on your monitor. When in doubt about the color, trust our descriptions first - if still in doubt, ask.

Most cloaks and capes can be hemmed to the appropriate length (unless the garment is already finished and trimmed). All cloaks have hoods unless otherwise specified. All cloaks are unisex. Our female models range between 5 feet 3 inches  and  5 feet 6 inches tall. Some of the smaller cloaks, those with small neck sizes, are suitable for young adults/children. To learn about the fabrics we use, and to figure out if they are warm enough for winter in your area, please contact us. You can also visit our fabric glossary and these retail sites.

All Cloaks are designed, cut and sewn in Massachusetts, USA!

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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