Welcome to our Gallery! The Gallery features garments that were custom-made for special occasions - weddings, hand-fastings, costume balls, and other such events. We've also participated in several fashion shows presented by Wiccan and Renaissance groups. Some are original designs, some are recreations based on a painting or movie, and some are period pieces based on historical garments.

Some of these garment styles may be available in our available items pages, others are by custom order only. If interested in learning more about any of the garment styles you see here, feel free to contact us for more details.

We custom-make garb for both bride and groom as well as whole bridal parties. We are willing to work with you to tailor our designs to fit your needs. We can do alterations to existing gowns as well as custom designs for specific historical periods.

Medieval - Handfasting
  • Lyzz & Jonathan

  • 12th Century
  • Kama & Dennis
  • Stephanie & Nathan
  • Diane & JP

  • 13th Century
  • Christina & Derek

  • 16th Century
  • Jason & Coleen

  • Colonial
  • Kristen & Aatish

  • Irish Bodice Gowns
  • Katie & Rachel

  • ORIGINAL (custom designs):
  • Korean
  • Jennifer & Adam
  • Mink & Andy (Norwegian Wedding)
  • Julie & Ed
  • Janet
  • Knights
  • Linda (Wedding Circlet by Crafty Fox)
  • Helen & David

  • Saruman (based on the character "Saruman" from the "Lord of the Rings" movies)
  • Accolade (based on a painting called "The Accolade")
  • Poe Boat Cloak (based on the character of Edgar Allan Poe in the movie "The Raven")

    We can custom-make garb for any occasion or character. Shown here are some of the special requests we have designed in the past. We usually always have a selection of monk, Jedi, and wizard robes available for sale on our available items pages. Contact us to order character specific garb.

  • Tudor (Henry VIII & wives)
  • Proper Henrician Lady (Tudor)
  • Jedi (based on the "Star Wars" movies)
        Anakin Skywalker
        Obi-wan Kenobi
        Quigon Jinn
        Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious
        Luke Skywalker (Episode 6)
  •     ....and our littlest Jedi
  • Klingons ("Star Trek")
  • Spartan Costume (300)
  • Alice in Wonderland (based on the 2010 Tim Burton movie, Alice in Wonderland)


    Custom Cloaks

  • Frontier
  • Colonial
  • Pirate
  • Tudor (Henry VIII & wives)
  • Proper Henrician Lady (Tudor)
  • Tudor Child
  • Knights

  • ORIGINAL (custom designs):
  • Demon
  • Wizard
  • Gypsy
  • Arwen's Coronation Gown
  • Tudor Child
  • Irish Bodice Dress
  • Goddess Brighid
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Masonic Order of the Rose Croix
  • Eleah's Winter Coat
  • Ciara's First Day at the Faire

  • Beldohr the Avatar

    We have designed single costumes and ensembles for independent film, theatrical productions and commercial advertising. Here are links to two examples of our best work:

    • We provided the costumes for the concept trailer for the movie Blade of the King by From the Flames Productions.
    • We created a variation of Elvis Presly's costume from his Blue Hawaii tour for a series of television comercials produced by the Juicy Temples Advertising Agency of Orlando, Florida.

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