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Jerkins and Tunics are the outer layer that adds color and warmth to many period costumes. They look great over our shirts!

Long SleevesTunics are simple short and long sleeve shirts that can be worn by themselves or as outer garments over lighter clothing. They usually pull on over the head, and extend to mid-thigh or longer. Necks, cuffs and hem are often highly decorated, or finished in a contrasting colored fabric. Tunics can have almost any sleeve length or neck line style (scoop, vee, square or keyhole).  The lower part can be straight (Norman) or flared (Viking, Saxon) Short Sleevesviking tunic

Jerkin & Shirt

Jerkins are closer fitting generally sleeveless types of tunics, meant to be worn over poet shirts. They usually lace up the front and are made of heavier material or leather.

The image to the left is a Jerkin with one of our peasant shirts.

The image below is a jerkin with a cowl hood tucked in underneath.

The image to the right is a jerkin with one of our poet shirts with a colored insert sleeve.

Jerkin with hood

Photo by Art Campbell

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