Last Updated: April 7, 2015

Medieval Hoods & Monk Cowls

Last Updated: April 8, 2015

We offer these hoods at a discounted price as an experiment. We use many types and shades of fabric for our cloaks and robes. We use the fabric remnants to create these discounted hoods. If we were to take the time to photograph and individually list each one, it would more than double the price. We're trying this lower price generic list to clear out some of our hood stockpile and offer our customers a deal. So please keep in mind when you order a blue hood, you need to comment on the most desired shade of the color, otherwise when you order blue it could be anything from a periwinkle to navy blue.

  • The hoods available online are made from wool or wool blend fabrics, most often NOT prewashed.
  • Washing instructions: Unless otherwise noted - Dry clean or hand wash and lay flat to air dry.
  • When measuring your head to determine the size, don't forget to include your nose.
  • Some of these fabrics come in woven patterns with variations in color, such as Herringbone. We group the hoods under their predominate color.
  • Hoods at this price are not returnable, although you can stop by and exchange in person. We're trying this discounted method to make it easier to sell hoods over the internet.
  • If you are interested in a robe with a matching detached hood, please visit our Available Robes page.

    If you are interested ordering a custom made hood, you can contact us (see our "How We Do Things" page for more information).
           Please note that a custom made hood will not be available at this discounted price! These hoods are about the usual price.

    Please be sure to read our How We Do Things page for information on ordering, payment and shipping as well as our Return Policy.

    The hoods need a second set of buttons for fabric weight/thickness = heavy(warm) or lightweight

    Image Description Size Color & Price

    Youth Medieval Hood With Mantle

    Perfect addition to any costume for a boy or girl.
    This is a full cut hood has an short oval mantle to cover the shoulders.


    Head circumference up to 21"


    Small/Medium Medieval Hood With Mantle

    An amazing accessory to any outfit.
    This is a full cut hood has an oval mantle to cover the shoulders.

    Adult Small/Medium

    Head circumference up to 23"


    Large Medieval Hood With Mantle

    Great addition to any outfit for both men and women.
    This is a large full cut hood has an oval mantle to cover the shoulders.

    Adult Large

    Head circumference up to 25"


    X Large Medieval Hood With Mantle

    This hood is great for knights or bandits.
    This is an deep full cut hood has a long oval mantle to drape over the shoulders.

    Adult X Large

    Head circumference over 25"


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